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Severe Dandruff

Severe cases of dandruff are caused by a disease called seborrhoeic eczema or seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis causes greasy, bran-like scale. The seborrhoeic area - the scalp, the skin around the nose, the lines on the cheeks, the eyebrows, the ears and the torso - may also be red and itchy.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis becomes worse during the winter and tends to improve during the summer when sunlight relieves the symptoms. It can vary from mild cases, which are only a problem in winter, to more severe cases where flaking occurs in places other than just the scalp.

The fungus Pityrosporum ovale is a significant factor in seborrhoeic dermatitis. Doctors don't know exactly why, but anti-fungal treatment helps ease the condition.

As well as seasonal changes, stress and serious illnesses can cause an increase in the production of scale.

A sudden, strong tendency to flaking or seborrhoeic dermatitis in a middle-aged person who has never had such problems before can be a sign of HIV infection.

Some people with severe dandruff may have psoriasis.
Can dandruff be prevented?

It can be difficult to prevent dandruff completely, but it can be controlled. The condition may also improve as you age.

Treatment In Severe Cases

ointment In severe cases dermatologists will prescribe a special ointment or lotion to treat the problem. It is generally agreed that drugstore products which contain Zinc pyritheone or selenium sulfide are the most effective in ridding the scalp of dandruff flakes. If a scalp shows signs of redness, swelling, scabbing, or gooeyness - accompanied by flakes, in all likelihood there could be another scalp disease involved like psoriasis or ringworm (yucky, but can be treated). With any of these symptoms it is important to see your health care provider immediately!

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post by Allan Luber from Philippines at October 7, 2010
I also have severe dandruff. It spreads on my face, ears, back, pubes, and even on eyelids. I use Head and Shoulders shampoo that helps from preventing it but still it comes back. I also rub some Chinese lemon or calamansi. It helps a little but can't absolutely cure it.
post by subin c george from india at August 11, 2010
sir / madam
i am a 32 yrs Man and have a severe dandruff problem for nearly 18 years which comes off in large flakes i lost 95% hair on my scalp due to this problem i faced a lot of psychological problems due to this during my growing up teenage days . i have been using "Nizral" [Brand Name] shampoo 2% Ketoconazole which was prescribed by a doctor nearly 18 yrs back and im stil using it .... but it reappears ..and has not CURED.. I DONT KNOW WHY ....thankfully i have no signs of psoriasis or any other diseases on my scalp .

please advise
thanks and regards
post by Diana from Monterey California at December 22, 2009
I've found that I get flare ups in the fall/winter; really bad flaking and scaling. Shampoos with salicylic acid make it so much worse. I've been having luck with Zinc pyritheone and a little with selenium sulfide. I've tried many different treatments including changing up my diet and nothing really works, seems like if my body's decided it's going to flare, it will. It's really frustrating when you can't not have a clear scalp. I'm a healthy active 27 year old woman. grr.
post by Lakia from North Carolina at September 18, 2009
I agree with Michael McInnis I have tried everything by my dermatologist and nothing if working. It feels like it's getting worse with what was prescribed to me. I pat my head til it bleeds! Is there anything I can use? I'm a healthy 26 year old woman losing my hair.
post by Sunanda Sudhindra from Bangalore, karnataka, India at September 10, 2009
I am suffering from this psoriasis since 20 years I have tried all sorts of medicine and I went to Ayurvedic but now the condition is worsning. Every day I take head bath and apply the oil given by the ayurvedic doctor but no imporvement. I get silver flakes only at the back of my head which is now spreading to my ears and neck.
post by Michael McInnis from Jamaica at April 20, 2009
I have suffered with this for years. My dermatologist prescribed many remedies over the years nizarol,T-gel, Head and shoulders,etc they work for a while, but as soon as my hair starts growing it starts up again.

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